Marin Prevention Network

The Marin Prevention Network is a collaboration of community coalitions, organizations and individuals actively seeking to change norms, policies, and laws that affect the availability, promotion, sale, and use of alcohol and other drugs. Our hope and goal is to create a supportive and healthy environment for all youth in Marin County.

Let’s Talk

LET’S TALK is a resource for parents and caregivers, centered around the idea that with a lot of solid science, and a lot of heart, we can support our youth as they navigate the tough stuff. Let’s Talk booklets are delivered to every 6th and 9th grade family in Marin County public schools.

Let’s Talk Community Discussions are created specifically for local parents and caregivers to provide evidence-based information, practical tools and youth input on how to best navigate the pre-teen and teen years. There are a series of 6 free Let’s Talk community discussion events for 2021-22 that are hosted on the first Wednesday of each month – October, November, December, February, March and April. Topics include: Understand your Preteen/Teen, just say Know, Parenting Tools, Mental Health and Underage Substance Use, Policy and Law Enforcement, Harm Reduction.

Based on feedback from last year’s session, parents found these discussion information, helpful and convenient. The evidence- based culturally inclusive strategies and tools provide a common language and framework aimed at improving the health and well-being of all youth. Invest 90  minutes to participate in one of the discussion and come away with new tools to support you and your family!

Check out the brand new Let’s Talk Website – download booklets, sign up for community discussions and find local resources!

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.


Tips for Parents

Understanding how simple actions can go a long way in providing support.

Social Host Ordinance

Learn how this ordinance helps to deter underage drinking and other substance use.


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Text MARIN to 741741

In Crisis? Text MARIN to 741741

To help address a growing mental health need, County of Marin is now offering our youth another means of support through a co-branded text line …