Marin Prevention Network

Let’s Talk

Check out the brand-new Let’s Talk Booklet – a comprehensive toolkit for navigating teen substance use in Marin County.

This brand-new resource includes information on how the teenage brain works, why substance use is a big deal, definitions of common substances, tips for providing support, and more!

The Marin Prevention Network is a collaboration of community coalitions, organizations and individuals actively seeking to change norms, policies, and laws that affect the availability, promotion, sale, and use of alcohol and other drugs. Our hope and goal is to create a supportive and healthy environment for all youth in Marin County.

Like a jigsaw puzzle, each piece is important, and only when put together does the picture become clear.

Cohen L, Swift S

Our Initiatives

Take a look at of a few of the countywide initiatives we are working on with our partners across Marin.

Community Partners

MPN membership includes Community Partners that represent smaller geographically-based coalitions and organizations working throughout Marin.
Find a community-based organization in your area.


Tips for Parents

Understanding how simple actions can go a long way in providing support.

Social Host Ordinance

Learn how this ordinance helps to deter underage drinking and other substance use.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.


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