Cannabis and Vaping Education and Community Outreach

Cannabis and Vaping Education and Community Outreach

MPN has become concerned about the high rates of cannabis use among young people in Marin. A substantial body of research shows that when youth under the age of 26 use cannabis frequently or heavily for “recreational” purposes, they can experience a wide range of adverse effects, including altered brain development, impaired decision-making, poor academic performance, diminished life satisfaction, cannabis dependence and addiction, and other mental health problems.

Cannabis Decoded

cannabis decoded

Cannabis Decoded is a Youth Marijuana Education Initiative from the County of San Mateo. This initiative was launched in partnership with the San Mateo County Youth Commission to educate youth and young adults about the facts on cannabis use. This campaign aims to provide reliable, factual information so that young people have the tools they need to make informed decisions that impact their health and futures.

Consejos Para Hablar Con Tus Hijos Sobra La Marihuana

Los tiempos han cambiado y la marihuana también. Por ejemplo, algunas plantas de hoy tienen niveles más altos de THC—el elemento psicoactivo que altera la mente y existen nuevos y variados métodos para consumirla como el vaping, el dab y comestibles. A continuación, encontrarás consejos y ejemplos de cómo hablar con tu hijo sobre la marihuana y recursos adicionales.

Advice on Talking to Your Kids About Cannabis

Times have changed, and so has cannabis. Some plants now have incredibly concentrated levels of THC —the psychoactive chemical that alters the mind — and new, varied methods of consumption (like vaping, taking dabs, or edibles) have become popular. Below, you will find advice, examples, and resources about how to speak with your children about cannabis.